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Log files created by N6705 DC power meter

Question asked by beweiss on Dec 3, 2012
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Imagine, you want the N6705B (D.01.08 Firmware) with N6781A to sample and log I/U for 12 hours with one active channel to catch a very rarely and randomly occuring event. 

The Instrument helps you finding the shortest sampling time to choose still fitting the data into the available internal storage device. 
Next morning you download the file to your PC - it tells you the size is zero Bytes. Good - or better: Bad! 
Checking the file size and integrity on the N7605B gives also zero size and a message that the file has some errors. 
Hmmm, probably the instruments algorithm which proposes the sampling time rounds the numbers and the data didn't fit on the flash device ...

Well, sh... happens and next night you do the same experiment but using Agilents 14585A Control and Analysis SW, V1.00.4 
(which is for free but not the license on your device!). Storing the data on your Laptop (plenty of space) instead on the N6705B. 
Guess, what happens - the Control and Analysis SW doesn't store any data because it crashes! 

Ok, don't give up - it's a very new instrument you just got it a few days ago. You'll find a way how to overcome this little problems at start. 
You decide not to go to the physical limits of the internal storage device choosing a shorter logging time. 
Yep! Next night the log file ends up with about 1.7GByte on the internal storage device. 

After trying to find a suitable utility within Agilents 14585A Control and Analysis SW (without success) you find the tool built-into the instruments web interface. 
Double-click on the file would start the download. 
You double-click and double-click and double-click ... 
It won't work with Firefox, it won't work with Chrome and it won't work in IE until you're very patient and wait for about 2 minutes after you clicked then download starts eventually ... 

Download via Web interface over Ethernet to PC takes about 10 minutes ... 
Now, you want to process the data - they are binary format - luckily the N6705B supports exporting the data into CSV format. 
You need to read the file into memory again - takes about 10 minutes ... (luckily you didn't delete the file on the instrument yet)! 

Then export as CSV to internal or external storage device - takes about an hour for 10% ... 

... going to continue on this thread by tomorrow morning ... 


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