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Do Agilent still run courses on using VNAs ?

Question asked by drkirkby on Sep 20, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2012 by drkirkby
I've found on the Agilent web site details about a one-day course that Agilent run on using VNAs. When I inquired with Agilent in the UK, they told me there were no planned courses. All I was offered was a custom course to suite my needs, with a suggestion 1-2 days would be appropiate for using a VNA. But I dare not ask the cost of a custom course, as I'm sure it would be too high for me to justify. 

I've been put on a list of people they will contact if they run the course again, but I rather suspect that I will never hear any more. 
Is this the same in the USA? Do Agilent run a course(s) on using a VNA? 

They are complex instruments, and obviously take more than a quick read of the manual to fully use them. So a course seems a good idea, but at least in the UK, that would not seem to be possible. 

One fear I do have, is that a course might be too orientated to the features in the latest all-singing-all-dancing models, and perhaps not so useful for the older models I own (with the possible exception of the FieldFox I have on order).