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VSA and PXA/MXA ADC bit resolution

Question asked by YS on Dec 18, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2009 by YS
This is YS. We are currently trying to survery Agilent PXA/MXA. We going to use 89600 VSA software to connect to PXA/MXA. And using the VSA software to measure the noise/Spurs over desired frequency range. There are different ADC options with different bit resolution. The following is a table that I gathered from Agilent Website.

      N9020A-B25 25 MHz Analysis Bandwidth     14 bit ADC
      N9030A-B1X 140 MHz Analysis Bandwidth     14 bit ADC
      N9030A-B40 40 MHz Analysis Bandwidth     12 bit ADC
      N9030A-B25 25 MHz Analysis Bandwidth     16 bit ADC

The question I have is, Will the noise floor when I use 89600 VSA software been affected by the different ADC resolution?

Example: For a 89600 VSA setting, CF=100MHz, SPAN=10MHz, RBW=1kHz, SA=PXA, 50ohm port with proper terminator (in other words, no signal was injected)

If I use VSA + A PXA with N9030A-B25 and VSA + A PXA with N9030-B40. Will the noise floor(reading) the same for those two equipments?

thanks for kindly share!