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E3632A Power supply Hardware test failed.Error code 632, 630

Question asked by uncleroxk on Jun 5, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2010 by uncleroxk
Hi, i have a e3632a power supply and it does not pass the self-test.

upon a full self-test procedure. It came up with 2 errors:

630 Fan test failed   This test checks if the fan current is flowing. If the current
is not detected at power-on self-test, the power supply will beep and the error
annunciator will be on.Fan test fail could likely induce over temperature
condition in the power supply.

632 Hardware test failed   This test checks the the status of voltage and current
error amplifiers for the power circuit. If both amplifiers are not operational,
the power supply will beep and the error annunciator will be on.

As taken from the service manual: "The FAN FAIL signal is asserted when the fan current through R15 is not detected. "

The fan is running and i have check the resistor R15, it is doing fine.

The voltage and current is display at 27.393V and 6.827A. And when measure with multimeter, output voltage is 0V.


Upon opening the power supply and inspect the PCB. I have notice that the capacitor C90 is not there???..

So if you guys have any information on how to restore my power supply, please feel free to post here.

Thanks you.