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E3631A Calibration procedure

Question asked by andrea1984 on Jun 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2010 by andrea1984
I've a doubt on how work the calibration procedure:
When a make the calibration, i test voltage level (min and max) that the power supply tell me to test.
Probably there is a mismath the forst time a run the calibration, but what happen when I do the calibration procedure twice?
I tought that wasn't differences between the voltage test of PS and the voltage read by the DVM, but I always read the same voltage difference, like I never passed the calibration procedure (or when I run calibration the PS reset the voltage settings?).

PS: v lo 0.1000 v
I read on DVM: 0.1002
I set on PS: v lo 0.1002
(and so for the others)

I run again the procedure
PS: v lo 0.1000 v
I read on DVM: 0.1002 again!!!

Is this normal, or I never completed the calibration procedure?
Thanks for help.