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m9181a pxi dmm

Question asked by jacobm on Feb 15, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2013 by connectivity

I have 2 m9181a pxi dmms in a pickering PXI chassis

I am using test stand to monitor voltages on two DUTs and am running tests in parallel. 

I am experiencing seemly random errors with communicating to the DMM which then requires the IVI session to be closed and then i have to reset the instrument. 

Is this a known defect? am I doing something wrong?
the sequences work properly (as does the dmm) if i run a single dut other either channel (so either dut1 with dmm1 or dut2 with dmm2). 

has anyone got some exeriance with using this particular dmm? do I need some sort of lock to ensure I communicate with one dmm at a time?