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FW 2.20 Zoom problem

Question asked by Baliszoft on Nov 30, 2012
Dear Agilent!

I got a MSOX-2K, recently installed the 2.20 Fw.

I capture a signal, lets say on 200ms timebase so i have got a total of 2 sec visible on the screen (and 2sec of data in memory).

If i zoom in (10x for example to 20ms timebase), the negative delay is limited to -200ms (to -10xtimebase) and i cannot check the beginning of my capture. That is quite annoying.

EDIT: I got all the channels activated (4 analog + 8 digital)

EDIT2: It is working with no trigger set up, but i think it was working with an older firmware, or am i wrong? (can't remember)

Edited by: Baliszoft on Nov 30, 2012 2:57 PM