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Selecting the Best Resolution Bandwidth (RBW) YouTube Video

Question asked by tabbott Employee on Sep 17, 2012
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Here is a YouTube video regarding hints on how to achieve better spectrum analysis - Selecting the Best Resolution Bandwidth (RBW)

(No audio) The RBW of an Agilent X-Series signal analyzer is one of the most important settings on the instrument. In this video, we examine how reducing RBW allows us to resolve closely spaced signals in a measurement span. We also examine the secondary effects that RBW has on sweep time and noise floor level. By fully understanding the different ways RBW affects measurements, we can select the best RBW for a particular application. For more on selecting the best RBW, see Hint 1 of Agilent's 8 Hints for Better Spectrum Analysis Application Note, Literature 5965-7009E