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program code for DC Power Supply N5771A

Question asked by ice on Nov 9, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2009 by StevenLee
Hi Everybody!

as you can guess from the subject I have a problem with the DC Power Supply N5771A and I'm looking for some useful tips because I'm sure, I'm not the one who has faced this problem.
I have created a program which reduces the output voltage progressively (from 40 V to 2 V) but I have a problem when the device should apply the voltage: if I set a fix number (using a direct I/O object and a string “VOLTAGE 40”) the Power Supply responds applying the correct voltage but if I use a variable as an input for the direct I/O object (for example c with c varying from 40 to 2), the device doesn’t change the output voltage  :? . I haven’t found any help in “direct I/O transaction” how to write a voltage which changes with time.  Can maybe someone suggest me which programming code I should use?

I've already tried: