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Always Run Probe Check!

Question asked by Willco788 on Dec 13, 2011
I found out he hard way while switching probes, you should run Probe Check.  I’m using a DSOX3024 but some probes are not smart probes.  While measuring high voltages above 300 volts, I use a 100:1 TPI probe.  Probe Check automatically recognizes the probe and calibrates the settings.   When I’m done I change back to the original probe but, even though it recognizes it as a 10:1 probe, I’m finding that I have to rerun Probe Check.

I didn’t do that at first and when I checked the AC ripple on a 300 volt supply, with AC coupling selected using the Agilent probe, there was a DC offset.   After running Probe Check, the offset was gone.