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CharacterizeAdapator Macro

Question asked by nickmmw on Jan 24, 2013
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I have some questions about how to use the CharacterizeAdaptor Macro:

- I would like to perform the following: Given a 2-port DUT surrounded by a 'left-fixture' and a 'right-fixture' - I would like to solve for the left-fixture.s2p and the right-fixture.s2p

- I currently perform this operation with custom-software, the general procedure is: perform a first-tier calibration at the first-tier-VNA-cable-reference plane (using TRL) and then I perform a 2nd-tier-on-wafer-calibration - again with TRL (with the previous-first-tier calibration turned-on) at the DUT-reference-plane (the left-vna-cable is connected to the left-side of the left-fixture and the right-vna-cable is connected to the right-side of the right-fixture --- this yields enough information to solve for the left and right fixturers' S-parameters.

- However, we are now interested in using the on-board macro of the pna-x since I would like to explore using the NIST-MultilineTRL method for solving for the fixture halves.

finally, here are the two-questions:

- when executing the CharacterizeAdaptor Macro's  step#2: "2. Perform a full 2-port CAL 2 where the DUT is inserted (reference plane). Save to MyCalSet2." - taken from: --- is the first-tier calibration supposed to be on or off during the 2nd-tier calibration ?  (For my own software/algorithm, the first-tier-cal must be on during the 2nd-tier-calibration --- I only ask since during a recent converstation with Dr. Joel at our lab I thought he mentioned that the first-tier-calibration should be off during the 2nd-tier for the PNA-X macro and that did not make sense to me or I must have misunderstood...).

- is it necessary to estimate the electrical-length of any of the fixture-halves to correctly solve for their S-Paramaters, or does the algorithm make use of the fact/knowledge that at DC, phase=0 ?

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- when the PNA-X software solves for the fixture-halves, does it need some type of estimate for the electrical-length of a fixture-half ?

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