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LTE Out-of-Band Emissions

Question asked by abg1984 on Jan 4, 2013
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Hello all,

I am currently doing an analysis of the OOB emissions of an LTE DL signal using the LTE DL Baseband verification example. However, when I look at the PSD via the spectrum analyzer module, the bandwidth of the LTE signal is limited to the Sampling Rate. I tried changing the sampling rate in the Dataflow Analysis template, nothing changed, then I changed the sampling rate of the carrier oszillator block but then the in-band bandwidth was extended. I want to keep the original bandwidth for example 5 Mhz (7.68 Mhz) but observe the signal power such as 30 Mhz away from the carrier frequency.

I've attached a pic of the PSD of the LTE DL signal. And thanks in advance.

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