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N2863B Probe compensation

Question asked by Willco788 on Nov 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2012 by Willco788
A Data Sheet for scope probes, N2862B/63B/89A/90A, can be found on Agilent’s web page at; ... 7111EN.pdf.

The data sheet shows the Compensation Adjustments but I found a better way to match the probes. I connected all 4 probes on my DSOX3024 to the Wave Generator output and used it to adjust the high frequency adjustments. The Wave Generator was set to 1 MHz and 2V P-P square wave. Use the “Prob Comp” output to perform the low frequency coarse adjustment on each probe first. Then connect all 4 probes to the Wave Generator output and overlap the traces. I adjusted the potentiometer that’s closest to the BNC for the flattest, most square edge. The other potentiometer adjusted the delay but also changed the over/under shoot. The low frequency adjustment can be used to tweak the amplitude. Adjust both potentiometers and the low frequency trimmer capacitor so that all 2 or 4 traces overlap.  The trigger was set to display both edges and the probes were set for DC.