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PNA-X Multi-Channel Pulse Measurement

Question asked by quantum06 on Nov 30, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2012 by Dr_joel

We are using N5242A having the Pulse Measurement Option as well. We have a DUT which has to be measured on a lot of frequencies and with different DUT settings such as phase shifting under pulsed RF excitation. We will utilize the Pulse Profile mode. To speed up the measurement we have thought to use different channels each of which will be identical except the excitation frequencies.

Now coming to our question let us think about only two channels having the Pulse Profile mode ON with Wideband Detection. Channel 1 operates at a frequency of 15GHz and the other one at 16GHz. Each channel has the same Pulse Profile settings. Let us assume that the Pulse Width is 5us and  the Pulse Period is 15us together with 100 sweep points at an appropriate IFBW, say 3MHz. (Sweep type is Standard Sweep and no delay is applied to Source1 for both channels.)

-Under these conditions how is the sweep done?
-What is the output from Port 1 assuming that we have applied Enchanced Response Cal which omits the reverse   sweep for both channels?
-How much latency will be between the channel sweeps?
-What would be the result under Point Sweep condition?

We are asking these because we will have to use of the Meas Trig In and Pulse Sync In for external controls. Therefore, we think that it is important to know about the timing and delays occuring inside the PNA.