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Mask Test, DSO6014L

Question asked by jca on Sep 28, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2012 by jca
Hi all,

I am going to use the mask option in the DSO6014L.
My problem is that i want to send the MASK data from my CVI application to the Oscilloscope from time to time.
As per the InfiiiVision 6000 series Oscilloscope Programmer´s guide, the :MTEST:DATA command can be used.
But i can´t seem to find out, to format the MASK parameters the right way.
When i make a auto MASK on the Oscilloscope and using the :MTEST:DATA? command to retrieve the setup parameteres, i get the parameters looking close to as they look like in the .msk file generated by the oscilloscope.

Anybody having a example on how to send the parameters?

Kind regads, Jacob