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Source Meter as a Voltmeter

Question asked by chris on Aug 10, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2012 by MattC
I have a source meter, the N6700 with the N6733B.  I have the source hooked up to a line that is sometimes an input and sometimes an output.  

When line is an input I control the input voltage with the source meter and I can measure the voltage being output by the source meter, which works great!

However when the line is an output I let the output of the source meter float.  When I measure voltage, the source meter's measurement does not match the voltage on the line, the source meter's reading is approximately zero.

Does this mean that the source meter cannot be used as just a voltmeter?  If so what is the reasoning behind this topology?  Will I need an additional voltmeter hooked up to the line for my test?  Or is there a command that will allow me to measure the voltage.