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ECal Confidence Check Inconsistency

Question asked by mhreider on Jun 15, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2012 by mhreider
We have two N5230C's, one being overseas, that we've been having trouble reproducing similar data on. I've had the remote site run an ECal confidence check (Both ECals are N4433A modules with SMA connectors) on the most recent calibrations being used and came back with some strange results. 

I had them run through and send me the ECal confidence data (Data and Memory data) for S11, S22, S33, and S44. S11, S33, and S44's characterizations closely resemble the graph I've attached in "S11.png". However, S22 seemed rather shocking. This behavior was also consistent in the 5 calibrations I looked at. 

Is it possible to say whether this is an issue with the ECal module or with the VNA? What factors would cause this kind of behavior? It seems to me like this is an issue with the ECal as this would be what I assume is a stored characterization. 

Any explanation for this would be GREATLY appreciated.