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Is the N female Open standard of my 85032B cal kit damaged?

Question asked by drkirkby on Dec 16, 2012
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I think I might have a problem with the female open standard on my 85032B cal kit - Agilent part number 85032-60012. Not the main body, but the small extender that everyone seems to lose! See picture attached of the item I'm talking about. 

When I put the extender onto a male N plug, the pin of the male only penetrates about 2 mm into the female extender, though the amount of penetration does seem to depend on the male plug somewhat. Given the metallic part of the extender is approximately 5.3 mm long, this means there is metal protruding around 2-3 mm outside the male N plug. See the photograph, which was taken with extender put on an HP 909F 50 Ohm termination. 

I would have thought the idea of the extender was to provide athe male innner conductor with a constant diamater to keep a constant 50 Ohms, rather than the impedance increase as the pin tapers in diameter.  Am I correct, or is there some other point to this extender? 

Looking at the standards data in the manual for the 85032B, I note for the female open,which is denoted as "OPEN (M)",  the offset is zero. This would suggest to me that the top of the metallic part of the extender should be flush with the reference plane of the N connector, not sitcking up a few mm above the reference plane. 

I'm wondering if there might be a bit of wire, or broken pin inside my extender, which is preventing the male N pin penetrating into the female extender more than a couple of mm. 

Does the picture I show with the extender on a male N plug look correct? 


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