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I want firmware for a 8665A (EEROM files)

Question asked by dkozicki on Dec 16, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2012 by dkozicki
I have a 8665A Ser#2833A00461 w/optons 1, 4, and 8.  It's as shown in manual 08645-90145 figure 4c-14 except slot A5 has module 08665-61005 in instead of 08665-61205 as shown on page 4-53.  I also have a 70322A Ser#2946A00158 that has the same module in slot A5 so I assume this is normal for early insturments.  Are there different versions of firmware depending on the circuit board type in slot A5?  The RF hard line from Slot A7 to the selector switch on the RF deck is replaced with the part from a 8664A that connects to the module for RF Pulse option 8.

The processor circuit board in my 8665A has a set of 4 EEROMs for a 8664A PN 8664-87101,2,3,4.  I want to replace the EEROMs with firmware for 8665A and change the RF hard line to what is used in a 8665A.  

Can I optain data files and program them or get part numbers and order them?