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Programming help regarding HP8510c

Question asked by flyingintern on Jul 3, 2012

I have been trying to make peak intensity measurements at resonant frequency by controlling the HP8510c through LabView.
To do this, I just use the Marker to Maximum function, and then Output Marker value.
But now, I also want to get the loaded Q factor of the peak.

To make an automated program to do this, I figured out that the commands that the LabView vi needs to send to the HP8510c would be to center the span of frequency around the maxima of the peak and then get real and imaginary S21 plot around that peak.
I could use the complex set of S21 points to generate loaded Q factor.

However the hurdles I am facing are
1) So far, I have not been able to find a command to read the frequency at maximum marker. If I could read the frequency at peak, I could send a command to use it to center my frequency span around that peak. 
Is it possible to do that in HP8510c, is there any command for it? I know it displays the frequency right on the screen but I want the HP8510c to indicate that frequency and retrieve it through my LabView program.

2) Does anybody have a ready made algorithm or piece of code in Labview or any other software(Matlab) from which I could figure out the programming sequence by myself to input complex S21 and fit into a Smith Chart to get loaded Q?

Any help would be great! Thanks
Do let me know if any additional information is needed.