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how to install i3070 in win7 operating system

Question asked by ken on Jan 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2013 by ken
hi all

i  want to install i3070 7.20p in win 7 64-bit operating system, i just install a Virtual PC and Windows XP mode in win7 , then install i3070 7.20p,it shows ''Error Installing NutcRACKKER Operating Enviroment' when install,then click OK, it shows "20000006 The OE installer process did not return success to nutinsInstallOe". and when click OK, it continue installing till completed, everything looks ok just like successful, but when run BT-basic or other program, it shows missing the execute file, when open the folder of boards, it is empty. and no X Vision shows in the right bottom corner. who can tell me how to fix this problem, i just intall it to develop software. i doubt the 64-bit can not be suitable to install it ,so i use a 32-bit win7 operating system to install it, the same action as win7 64-bit, the same result, both failed.