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Need Help Excel VBA Programming for ESA Spectrum Analyzer

Question asked by gauravvarshney on Jan 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2013 by gauravvarshney
           I'm using  ESA series spectrum Analyzer (E4408B)
     I'm working on excel macro to 
     Till now i can connect to my Spectrum through GPIB and can control frequency ,span etc. 
but got stuck in Loading a trace file to spectrum Analyzer.
        1.  LOAD the .Trc File to Spectrum Analyzer (on TRACE 1)which is there in spectrum analyzer.
        2. Clear write it on TRACE 2.
        3. Finally need to take a snapshot of screen ( like intuilink captures ) or we can store it as .gif or .wmf file

Hereby I'm Attaching excel file in which I had done some coding

Open excel file
hit Alt + F11 you will get the code

I'm stuck in LOAD command.It gives me syntax error

Gaurav Varshney