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8753ES freezing up intermittently?

Question asked by cheenu on Jan 23, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by cheenu
I am currently using a setup with a 8753ES network analyzer to measure dies on a wafer.  The network analyzer is connected to a probe card, and I have a LabVIEW program set up to set sweep parameters, do sweeps, and save the outputted data array to files.

What ends up happening -- something like once every thousands of continuous measurements -- is that the network analyzer will freeze up when I send the SING; command to the 8753ES unit.  And by freeze up, I mean that the only way to restore functionality to the unit is to either:  

1)  Cycle the power or 
2)  Physically hit the Local and then the Preset hardkeys.

The unit will not respond to any GPIB commands or any other front panels controls other than Local, then Preset.

I have tried all of the following:

1)  Making sure the firmware is updated to the most recent version,
2)  Doing a full memory reset on the 8753ES unit (System hardkey -> Service Menu -> Peek/Poke -> Reset Memory then immediately hit the Preset hardkey),
3)  Doing a periodic preset and recalling the calibration state every 25 dies or so,
4)  and Accepting that a freeze-up will occur, and attempting to clear the GPIB interface bus when it does.

None of this works.  So my questions are:

1)  Has anyone else experienced issues with the 8753ES network analyzers freezing up in this manner?
2)  Do you have any recommendations for either avoiding this or recovering without resorting to physical user intervention?
3)  Is it possible that despite the periodic presets, there is some issue with the NA's internal memory which is causing the freezing?

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