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Configuring Agilent E4350B solar array simulator

Question asked by darkfeffy on Nov 28, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by MattC
Dear all,
I am in possession of one Agilent E4350B solar array simulator equipped with a GPIB (USB) connection. I have a few problems getting it to work correctly. I am using the “Agilent Connection Expert” interface. Could you provide some advice with respect to the following questions?
1.     In the “Agilent Interactive IO”, certain commands from the manual (document 5962-8206; can be downloaded from the Agilent website) do not return a response. For example: the command CURR:MODE:SAS, when sent would produce two errors if we want to read the response (Error 113 – undefined header & error 420 – query unterminated). Please see attached picture 1. Otherwise, if I query the current mode, CURR:MODE?, it returns SAS. Therefore the previous command was executed. Is this behavior normal?
2.     Some commands like the CURR:SAS:ISC 5 and VOLT:SAS:VOC 50 produce an error (error 222 – data out of range). Given that this is an 8A/60V supply, I don’t get what is wrong.
3.     At the moment I am using the GPIB interface. I understand that it is possible to configure/program the supply from the web if the device is equipped with a LAN connection. However the communication terminal at the back of the device is NOT RJ45 (it is perhaps something like an RJ22), so how do I make the LAN connection?
4.     Finally, what compiler and interface do I need to use to send VB or C scripts to the device as written in the manual? Does Agilent have these software?

Thanks for your understanding