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Stability Analysis Using Allan Variance & Agilent 53230A Frequency Counter

Question asked by jdwindrvr Employee on Sep 12, 2012
Watch this short video ( ) to see a demonstration of making stability analysis measurement on a clock or oscillator signal using a free MatLab program and an Agilent 53230A Frequency Counter. The Agilent 53230A is an ideal instrument for this measurement as it offers 20 ps single shot resolution and gap free measurements. Gap free measurements can be made up to 1 million times per second, allowing a large spectrum of noise sources to be characterized. 

The free MatLab program "Stability Analyzer 53230A" allows you to plot the Allan Variance and frequency vs time. The example program can be downloaded on Matlab central:

For more information see the article on the GPETE Blog:

For additional information on the 53230A Frequency Counter: