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vrf solve 2 equations

Question asked by les_hammer on Jun 7, 2008

can any body help me to solve 2 equations of Straight lines to get the intersection point

Are you asking for the solution to the Algebra 1 question:
1)    y = (m1)*x+(b1)
2)    y = (m2)*x+(b2)
Where they intersect when a given x produces the same y for both equations?
Subtractine 2 from 1:
      0 = (m1-m2)*x + (b1-b2)
       x = (b2-b1)/(m1-m2)
       y = (m1)*(b2-b1)/(m1-m2)+(b1)
-- which will fail if m1=m2 so test for that first and say "parallel lines don't intersect."
~~Les Hammer

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