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error while using E3634

Question asked by lexmi on Nov 6, 2012
I am getting the following error while using the E3634

VISA Read in E3634A.lvlib:Agilent E363X Series.lvlib:Error>E3634A.lvlib:Agilent E363X>E3634A.lvlib:E3634A>E3634A Basic.lvlib:E3634A Basic [sub].vi->E3634A_{B26370C4-0C1D-489C-BCD9-C75D904E2F9D}>E3634A_{B26370C4-0C1D-489C-BCD9-C75D904E2F9D}>E3634A_{B26370C4-0C1D-489C-BCD9-C75D904E2F9D}
VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF0015) Timeout expired before operation completed.
What could be the reason?
Please help

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