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Agilent 34907A digital input/output

Question asked by Palle on Oct 5, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2019 by vku

I just purchased a 34907A that i want to control via the remote interface.

1. How do i configure the I/O to outputs?
The digital input/outputs are by default set to input by 1. Factory Reset 2. Instrument PRESET 3. Card RESET.
How do i configure the ports to outputs?

2. Using command "SOUR:DIG:STATE?"

According to 34970 user guide:

"Read the last byte or word sent the specified digital output channels.
The digital output channels are numbered “s01” (lower byte) and “s02”
(upper byte), where s represents the slot number. This command
returns “0” if the channel is an input port or “1” if the channel is an
output port."

The first sentence must be just rubbish, right??? ¨
I guess the command is just to check if ports are input or output?

3. Is it possible to use Port 1 as input and port 2 as output?
What will then be the result of a WORD access?