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Using E5071B 4-Port VNA to measure impedance of a balanced network

Question asked by WallyGator53 on Nov 5, 2012
I have a situation where I need to characterize the complex impedance of a circuit from as low a frequency as I can to 100 MHz or higher if possible. I have two pins in a multiple pin connector to access the circuit. I have an E5071B, OPT:010, 016, 414, and UNQ and an E-Calibration Module N4431-60004. I have a background in VNA measurements but have not been able to get my head around the Mixed-Mode S-Parameter principles. I have tried to use the E5071B Users Guide to get through this but it hasn't provided what I need.
I have accomplished a 3-Port calibration using the E-Cal module. I have an adequate means of applying the VNA signals to the two pins for access to the test circuit. What I haven't figured out is how to use three connections from the VNA on only two DUT connectors. 
I have perused this forum and searched many other Agilent documentation sources without finding a good description of how to make this measurement.
Can anyone point me to some good procedural documentation that might help me connect the dots.
Thank you in advance.
Wally Rice