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Floppy disk for N verification kit (85055A).

Question asked by drkirkby on Aug 26, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2012 by drkirkby
I have an 8720D VNA and recently purchased a used N verification kit (85055A). I don't know the history of this verification kit (S/N 2815A00168), but it is at least 21 years old, as it has a calibration date of 17 OCT 1990 due 17 Oct 1991. There's a calibration record stuck inside on the lid, and that says 1990, as does an HP calibration sticker on the outside. There's nothing more recent. The kit looks unused, and I'm inclined to suspect it has never been back to HP or Agilent for calibration.  

However, what is odd is that the contents list the wrench, attenuators and airlnes, and also

*Tape, Verification Data 85055-10001* 

The tape is there. *There is nothing about any floopy disk mentioned on the kits contents.* However, there *is a floppy disk in the kit*, but it rather looks out of place. Whilst the rest of the kit is in immaculate condition, with everything fitting neatly in its place in the foam, there is no obvious place for this floppy to fit. There is no foam cut-out for a floppy disk - only the tape. 

The floppy lists the S/Ns of the various components it refers to. Those are the same as on the tape, and the same as on the components themselves. 

20 dB attenuator 201
50 dB attenuator 183
50 Ohm line 202
25 Ohm line 177.

Since I have an 8720D VNA, which has a floppy drive, not a tape drive, I want to know whether the floppy disk will be updated if I send the kit to Agilent for calibration. 

I know the 8720D is no longer supported, but are hoping that if I send this cal kit back to Agilent for calibration, a disk can be supplied which wil work with my 8720D. Will that happen?