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N8754A Response time for Up-prog with no load

Question asked by thomas9003 on Aug 26, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2012 by thomas9003

I'm using N8754A for ATS programming.

Can I assume that the fall/rise time of N8754A when using command programming as stated below?
Fall time (full load)           150ms (down-prog time+ command response time)
Rise time (full load)         130ms (up-prog time+ command response time)
Fall time (no load)            800ms
Rise time (no load)          ?
Will the fall time and rise time less than 150ms and 130ms at voltage varies 16V to 0V with current varies from 200A to 0A for fall time and 0 to 16V with current varies from 0 to 200A for rise time?

Can I know what is the rise time at no load? (It is not stated in the datasheet attached.)