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3458A keypress SRQ

Question asked by brian@boeing on Nov 29, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2011 by brian@boeing
We normally operate the unit remotely. We're looking into a request to be able to have the operator halt the program, press Local, use the multi-meter for manual measurements, then restart the program and have the unit return to its previous programmed state. One suggestion was:

Set up a call back function invoked when the Local button is pressed  When the callback function is invoked, set a global variable “Local” to true, save the present state of the DMM Using the SSTATE command, and send the GPIB GoToLocal  command to allow the operator manual control. Before issuing any other IO to the DMM,  check the “Local” global variable. If true, restore the saved state of the DMM with the RSTATE command ,send the GPIB LocalLockout command, set the “Local” variable false and continue with the intercepted IO.

Does this seem doable? How would we set up a callback for the Local key? I looked around for examples of setting interrupt handlers from specific keys but didn't have much luck.