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vrf Object Model Guard in Outlook

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 20, 2008
> Is there someone who has a
> code for disabling Object
> Model Guard in Outlook?

Ah, the scourge of ATE the world over.

I get the impression there is *some* way to disable this, but I never did find a definitive answer on exactly how to do that.

Microsoft has this to say about the situation with the security included in Outlook SR-1/SR-1a (this of course also applies to all versions of Outlook since 98/2000 SR-1/SR-1a):

"Customizing the Behavior of the Security Update If you are not running Outlook in an Exchange Server environment, or your mail is delivered to a local Personal Folders file (.pst), you cannot configure the settings for the update and you must use the full feature set of the update."
(quote from

So I think that pretty much kills it for most of us.

What you can do about it is install Express ClickYes to handle it.

What this basically does is watch for the dialog to pop up and then automatically select things & click Yes. If you want the gory details I did something similar for ArBot. It's not pretty at all.

Here's another add in that controls this:

On the other hand, you can avoid Outlook entirely by using CDO to access an SMTP server:

The basic idea is:
"Set objMessage = CreateObject("CDO.Message") then fill-in Sender, Subject and Recipient (To) fields of the headers and the body text which can be either plain text or HTML. You can also add a file attachment. You then use the Send method to send the email."
(quoted from

Finally, you can roll your own MSA with To/From Socket although it can get fairly weird depending on what kind of authentication you have to support.
VEE comes with an example called SMTPMail (Help->Open Example...

This one is mine and includes Pop3User auth (although in a real world scenario Pop3User auth is not the auth of choice):[ver7].vee

NOTE: This works with *my* server, but that's only because I allow Pop3User authentication. APOP is much more common, and if you want to use that you'll have to write it yourself. You can use this to email just about anybody, but I don't guarantee it won't get bounced. definitely won't reach customers, and many other domains as well because they bounce servers that sit on Comcast dynamic IPs I don't really anticipate getting a static IP anytime soon.

If this example account gets used for relaying spam then this is definitely the LAST TIME I'm doing anything of this nature. APNIC is a CONSTANT source of grievance, break in attempts and general abusive behavior. Play nice or don't play at all.

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