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Using an 8753ES with PLTS 2012

Question asked by cram869 on Nov 15, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by cracraft
Is it possible to use an 8753ES with PLTS 2012?  I have no problems connecting to my N5242A.  When I hook up the 8753ES (by GPIB) and scan for new instruments with PLTS, PLTS says it can't find anything.  At the same time I notice that the 8753ES has a message on the screen.  Forgive me for my paraphrasing.  I wrote it down in my lab and forgot the post-it I wrote it on.  It was something like  "contacted with nothing to say."  I have to run past the lab and grab that note, because I know that's not exactly it.  I tried a few different setups with the same result.  I made sure I changed the GPIB address when I had it connected at the same time as the N5242A.  Then, I changed it back to 16 (or maybe 15?) and disconnected the N5242A from the bus while I tested it.  I got the same result each time.

I don't mind calibrating through the regular 8753ES menus, but it would be nice to be able to pull in the S-parameters through PLTS.  Unfortunately, all the instrumentation I wrote for the 8753s was back in grad school, written in labview, and I don't have a seat of that anymore.  Oh well, might be writing some new scripts.