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VEE run time error... another one.

Question asked by techmonkey on Nov 4, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2012 by Mike
Hi Guys,

Every time i try to run vee run time to test a unit i get

“Configuration error: Serial interface, at 10, is not configured for this system
Error number: 801     
Refer to the installation manual for instructions
In Transaction number: 1

Object title: Multinstrument Direct I/O
Object type: Multinstrument Direct I/O
In UserFunction: CloseDUT”

is it just attaching the device incorrectly or just my file is not configured correctly.

p.s this pc has been recently upgraded to windows 7 and all of the pervious configuration was done on a windows xp PC.
      Also using vee pro runtime 9.3 on the windows 7 PC

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