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Problem on Binblock Encoding using VEE Pro 9.31

Question asked by jeremytcw on Nov 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2013 by jeremytan
Hi all, I am a degree student and I currently working on a T&M project which involved in writing VEE program to automate a measurement process. I face a problem on using Direct I/O to communicate with the instrument. I am using non Agilent Instrument, I am using Rigol DS1102E Digital Oscilloscope. 

I try to Read the trace data from the instrument using the SCPI command via Direct I/O, the was only able to use Read Text x as str to get the full returned data. When I tried to use Read Binblock x as Binary in Array1D, I will have a timeout issue or data data decoded incomplete or no data found every single time I pressed simulate and the result was not consistent , I should get 600points from the returned data. When I use the Agilent Interactive I/O and the I/O monitor to understand the returned data, the reading process was correctly and the returned data is in HEX and converted into ASCII. The returned message see attachement IO Montor Result.png. From my understanding through the IO Monitor result, I know the returned data is in unsigned Int8, therefore, I first save the data by using Read Text x as str using ToFile object and read the data back using FromFile Object with Read Binblock x as Binary in Array 1 D and the returned data was able to completely decode.

Why the Read BinBlock x as Binary Array1D in the Direct I/O transaction cannot completely decode the returned data? Is it I need to do any setting on the buffer size or what step I am missing? 

Please advise. 

Jeremy Tan