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PNA N5230C Unguided Thru calibration

Question asked by yadong on Nov 3, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2012 by yadong
Hi guys,

When I do Response Thru calibration using E5071c,I can use followed two SCPI to calibrate S21,S12 ,i.e.Forward and Reverse
(@":SENS" + chNum + ":CORR:COLL:THRU 1,2");
(@":SENS" + chNum + ":CORR:COLL:THRU 2,1");

But it seemed I can't do as this using N5230c.

Although "SENSe:CORRection:SFORward[:STATe] " this SCPI command can set the direction of performed calibration. It doesn't work when I put  it after "SENS:CORR:COLL:METH TRAN1".

Is anyone come acrossed this problem?