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Agilent 3458A DMM digitalize sample costs time too long

Question asked by iris on Aug 22, 2012
A few days ago.I downloaded the example program, 4100 point program, in c++:

After I open the project with VisualStudio2005,I modify some parameters:

APER 6E-6;    ->     APER 2.5E-4;  //sample rate change to 4000,my signal source's frquence is 50Hz
DCV 100;                                     // voltage range change to dc 100
TRIG AUTO;   ->     TRIG EXT;        //trigger mode change to ext
NRDGS   4100,AUTO; ->NRDGS 80,AUTO;  //sample only one cycle's datas

when the trigger mode is auto,it costs about 200ms
if the trigger mode is ext,the time is 890ms 
Is the time too long or is there somethig wrong?