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How to trigger 89600VSA externally

Question asked by neezaket on May 12, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2009 by neezaket
We are using 89600 VSA software to make time domain analysis with  E4446A PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer. The signals are sent from E8267D PSG Vector Signal Generator. Markers are placaed at the beginning of the pulses sent from E8267D PSG Vector Signal Generator  and the EVENT1 output of VSG which is at the rear is connected to TRIGGER IN input of Spectrum Analyzer which is again at the rear of Spectrum Analyzer. We want to get external trigger at the VSA. The external triggering menu is active in VSA but we are unable to get external trigger. We have read that triggering is done with the markers placed at specific sample points of pulses which are generated by VSG and EVENT1 output is used to trigger Spectrum Analyzer.
"Waiting for trigger" is written on the display of VSA but it is unable to get trigger.
What is the correct way to get external trigger with VSA software?
Nezaket K.