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vrf Telnet VEE

Question asked by antti.suhonen on Sep 21, 2007
Hi David,

To/From Socket -object does the tricks. Make e.g. "device_read"- and "device_write"-functions and place box there, along with control terminals for address, etc. if desired.

In "write" connect to port specified (2323?) and write string + delimiters. In "read", also connect port (not bind, that is) and read e.g. str or what data you're expecting after writes.


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> From: Mairs, David []
> Sent: 21 September 2007 14:52
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> Subject: [vrf] Telnet VEE
> To All
> I am looking for a telnet routine?
> Any Help Would BE Greatly Appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Dave

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