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vrf ??: vrf Programmatic change of instrument addresses (ASRL - serial)

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 22, 2008
Hi Folks,

After discovering that my use of GreenLeaf's CommX.ocx to allow generating a list of available serial ports was causing the Kernel32 error window, I wrote to the vendor requesting technical support. Much to my surprise, I received an answer in one day, which included a technical note clarifying some CommX issues that have been known to cause problems in the past. The very first one indicated that CommX has two methods for communicating between its threads, the simple default method and an improved technique that must be activated via a property setting. Apparently, the "enhanced marshaling" technique helps when opening a port since, after adding PortCtl.EventMode=1 to my code, I haven't seen another Windows error message. Of course the day is young but I think this is a fix!


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