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No Signal out Port 1 with Muliport connected to PNA-X in Standalone Mode

Question asked by Spacecase69 on Oct 30, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2012 by Spacecase69
No Signal out Port 1 with Muliport TestSet connected to the PNA-X in Standalone Mode. The problem happens on both the U3042AM08 and U3042AM20 testsets not switching the signal back up to Port 1 in Standalone Mode. I have mentioned this issue several times to the Apps Engineers over the last couple of years and their solution has been to have the technician open the GPIB control panel and type in CONT:EXT:TEST:DATA 0,0. I believe we all (myself included) thought one of the switches was not being initalized properly. 

Today I finally got in the lab and went through what is actually going on, and it turns out to be Option 129. The manuals show the Noise Path switch defaulted to the through state, but in Standalone Mode it actually defaults to the Noise Path. When Multiport Mode is selected the .tsx file sets the switch properly to the through path.  The test sets do not come with a jumper on this port (and the manual does not mention jumpering this if the Noise Tuner is not used) and we are not currently using a Noise Tuner on most of our test sets. 

Is it possible for the PNA/PNA-X with a testset attached, when set to standalone mode, to Set this to get a signal out of port 1 and not require us to have the technician remember open the GPIB control panel and type in CONT:EXT:TEST:DATA 0,0 every time the system is reset? Possibly have a Preferences Setting (or the Multiport Settings Dialog) for "Test Set Noise Path/Through Path" that if set to Through Path would send the command only during a Reset in Standalone Mode. The same issue applies for Automated Test Software that was written for a PNA without a Multiport Testset and later I have validate it on a bench with a Multiport.

For now I am going to get some jumpers made for the Noise Path on all of our test sets, but this could also be an issue for some measurements when a Noise Tuner is connected (extra loss/tuner state) or if the Tuner is used and later removed and no jumper is installed.