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Configuring TEMP TC // Waiting for finishing readings

Question asked by juahime on Jul 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2012 by juahime
Dear all,

I'm using VBA for connecting with loggers Agilent 34970A/34980A.

For the readings I'm using this scheme:
1) Configure the channels by "CONF" command
2) Use a timer for reading by "READ?"

My problems...

A) I'm having problems to get the readings when so many channels are selected, as before finishing the readings the code tries to read again. Is there any option for waiting the logger to finish reading?

B) I'm configuring a thermocouple type K. by this commands:
Conf:Temp TC,B,(@1001);:Unit:Temp C,(@1001)
ROUT:SCAN (@1001)
I'm obtaining a strange value (-2.) when the value should be around 20. However, if I use the agilent intuilink macro, it gives me a value around 20, for the same configuration.
I don't find any reason for this... Any suggestion?