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U3606A PSU voltage/current draw

Question asked by jasonwatton on Sep 14, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2011 by jasonwatton
I am using a U3606A, programming it over GPIB (ref. manual U3606-90023).

I am using the U3606A as a PSU as well as a DMM. The :SOUR commands allow me to set up the PSU as I need, and the front display helpfully informs me (on the right) of the voltage and current currently being output by the PSU.

My problem is reading from the instrument the current and voltage draw from the PSU. There appear to be no SCPI commands to ask the PSU (rather than the DMM) what voltage and current is actually being output. How can I read the current and voltage drawn from the PSU using SCPI commands? That is, the values happily displayed on the front display to the right...?(!).