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Error +785,"Specified arb waveform does not exist"

Question asked by NLY00471 on Jun 10, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2011 by NLY00471

Since today I've got an error while loading a arbitrary waveform with Labview.

Error -1074000000 occurred at Agilent 33XXX Series.lvlib:Error

Possible reason(s):

Instrument reports:
+785,"Specified arb waveform does not exist"
+0,"No error"

Complete call chain:
     Agilent 33XXX Series.lvlib:Error
     Agilent 33XXX Series.lvlib:Configure Arbitrary

My Labview program is not changed with respect to the situation when it worked, a week ago.

I also have tried it with a 33220A, same error, it refuses to save the arbitrary waveform into local memory.