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8720D / battery / clock / service manual

Question asked by drkirkby on Nov 15, 2012
The clock on my 8720D is running slow, loosing about 1 day per month. I'm guessing this means a battery is going flat - is that likely to be the cause? 

Is it possible to get a PDF of the service manual, so I can see how to replace the battery? I don't see a service manual on the Agilent web site

- only user and programming manuals. 

Is changing the battery particularly difficult? 

I can find a service manual for the 8719A, 8720A/B. Is the 8720B sufficiently simiar to the 8720D to permit the manual to be used for the purpose of changing a battery? 

Is there more than one battery in the 8720D? If I'm going to replace one, I might as well do them all at the same time, so at least the problem will not surface for another 10 years or so.