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1680A works when connecting to computer with Windows XP but not Windows 7

Question asked by misterretsim on Jul 10, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2012 by algoss
Hello all,

I have a LabVIEW program that opens up one of two files that are already made on the 1680A Logic Analyzer depending on what file you type in on the front panel of the VI. I've got one setup working completely (same model of Logic Analyzer, but older computer than what I'm using now), and when I tried to use a working executable on another computer with the same setup (as far as equipment goes), it does not look as if it is even communicating with the Logic Analyzer. I had some tech guys come down because originally it was thought to be a file sharing thing, but that was sorted out, and we saw that the Logic Analyzer and the computer were indeed communicating back and forth. I am using a computer with a Network Interface Card and a crossover cable so I can hook up the Logic Analyzer to the computer over our workgroup. I tried using the Logic Analyzer with the other setup to make sure it wasn't just the Logic Analyzer, and it worked perfectly. The other computer is a Windows XP, and the one I'm currently trying to run it on but with no luck is Windows 7. Both setups (as far as equipment goes) are exactly the same, one is just a newer computer that doesn't have LabVIEW, which is why the executable is needed. So why won't my VI open one of the files? Is it something to do with one computer being XP and the other being Windows 7? Or does some setting on the Logic Analyzer need to be changed in order for this to work? 

Thanks for your help in advance.