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E5071C - constant VSR circle "overlay" possible?

Question asked by rogerfreeman on Jul 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2012 by Dr_joel

I'm imagining that, via a VB macro or possibly a CSV import, it should be possible for me to construct a constant Z circle on the Smith chart for VSWR = some value (e.g. 2, 2.4, 3 etc. to correspond with typical return losses).

I don't know how to program VB macros and I don't know if that approach would be pertinent. please couold someone suggest (a) is this possible and (b) how might I go about it?  

It doesn't have to function as a limit line - just a visual reference so I can see how much of my locus is wrapped up (inside the e.g. VSWR=2 circle). A fixed circle (VSWR=2) would be fine, an adjustable one (user selects from three fixed values for example) would be even nicer.

Thanks for any help on this matter