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34970A - readings lost on power off -solved

Question asked by samk on Feb 14, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2012 by samk
I have a 34970A DAQ that I'm attempting to log some temps with a thermocouple.

The location requires the DAQ to be without the PC. My thinking was: Setup configuration and channels on office PC with Benchlink, power down DAQ, setup on location, recall my saved state and press scan.

This all went fine (the scan config was recalled ok and scan started until I returned with the DAQ to my office for data upload : no data.

Further tests showed that readings are lost the instant I turn off the unit with the power button. (I even leave the AC power cord in)

I've opened it up and check the battery which is 3V - over the minimum 2.7V specified in the service manual.

Is this a standard feature? ie readings are not saved after power off? The user manual repeatedly states that readings are saved in "non-volatile" memory. Which I understand to mean memory which will retain contents on mains power loss. If not, this portable unit with carry handle seem a bit useless!!

Can someone help me please?