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Agilent 34410A Mulitmeter Matlab Library Error

Question asked by oktoberfestMUC on Aug 4, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2011 by hognala
hey guys,

so I am having some trouble with the device connection in matlab with the 34410a library of the digital multimeter. I am using the Instrument Control Toolbox and the interface object was created properly with visa and it appears when I use the tmtool function.The library is listed under the Matlab instrument drivers and it is already an .mdd file.
when I try to create a device object with vu being already an interface object to the instrument:

d = icdevice('Ag34410.mdd', 'vu')
I get the error:
??? Error using ==> icdevice.icdevice>icdevice.icdevice at 241
The VXIplug&play driver referenced in C:

I have been able to make a low level connection using fopen(vu) of the interface object and send the *IDN? query which had a response...but i still cant create this device object. I guess its maybe a problem with the library conversion to .mdd?

I also want to know that If i do create this device object, will I be able to use agilent library functions in Matlab normally and not just the low level SCPI commands?

Thanks for your help!